Bringing Your Product or Brand to Market

At O&Y, we develop and implement marketing strategies that help our clients to acquire and retain loyal, profitable customers. We improve the marketing ROI for B2B marketers, with special expertise in the areas of enterprise technology, financial services, digital media, business services, and in other verticals. We recognize that launching a product or service is a complex processes, and offer a complete range of marketing services to help with your launch.

Product/Service Marketing Strategy
A Product (or Service) Marketing Plan helps to establish the goals and requirements of your offerings, and maps-out how to successfully introduce your offerings to the market, including:

  • Defining and documenting product or service scope, requirements, release schedule, positioning, naming, pricing, packaging, distribution, and evolution
  • Designing and producing launch materials
  • Planning launch and lead generation events, and follow-up activities

Public Relations
A well-conceived Public Relations Strategy helps you target the right publications, deliver the right message, and schedule releases that reinforce other elements in your marketing mix. This can include:

  • Writing and producing press releases and press kits
  • Designing a release schedule targeted toward appropriate media
  • Investigation of alternate PR activities, such as speaking engagements and award strategies

Analyst Relations
An Analyst Relations Strategy helps you identify the right firms and analysts who cover your markets. We help to craft and deliver the right message, and get your offering in front of industry thought-leaders.

  • Researching and identifying appropriate firms and analysts
  • Preparing the analyst presentation deck and related scripts
  • Scheduling analyst briefings
  • Conducting ongoing relationship management with select analysts

Event Management
We guide you through the complexities of event management, working with you to develop and implement a solid Events Plan, including:

  • Researching and selecting events — both physical and virtual — that are targeted towards your specific markets
  • Establishing staffing needs, general booth preparation, and material requirements, in order to maximize your presence and lead generation success at the events

Competitive and Market Research
We help you better understand the dynamics of your market by conducting either wide-ranging or targeted market research, including your competition andmarket trends, as well as customer preferences and identifying primary drivers of customer satisfaction

Demand Creation
As the focus of B2B marketing has shifted from off-line to on-line, marketing automation has become prominent in the B2B arena. If you don't already have a marketing automation solution in place, we can help you with identifying a solution appropriate to your needs and resources. If you do have a solution in place, we can also assist with developing lead-scoring and nurturing methodologies, as well as recommending Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), for your product or service. We can help with:

  • Email Marketing
  • Webcasts and Web Events
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Thought Leadership Marketing

What We Bring to the Table

  • A perspective formed by 25 years worth of real-world problem-solving on the toughest marketing challenges
  • Strategic and tactical expertise that our clients might lack internally
  • Knowledge of marketing best practices for many industries
  • Extra capacity to manage and implement projects, without adding permanent expense

Having done work for established organizations such as Air France, The Electrochemical Society, Princeton Financial Systems, and Pfizer, as well as for innovative young companies like Actimize, Albridge Solutions, CorpData, and Personetics, we have acquired the business insight that enables us to create go-to-market strategies and tactics that are effective, affordable, and rapidly deployable. For more information on how O&Y can help your business achieve its marketing goals, give us a call at 609 586 4286, or drop us an email, and let's see if we can help!